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20th Anniversary of the IRTCES
http://www.irtces.org    2006/9/19     

Guests for the 20th Anniversary of the IRTCES

Mr. Suo Lisheng, Vice Minister of MWR,

Mrs. Qian Zhengying, Former Chairwoman of CPPC


Prof. Zhang Guangdou, Academician of CAS

The Meeting Hall of the 20th Anniversary of IRTCES

 Book entitled -In the Way of 20 Years of  the IRTCES for memorizing the 20th Anniversary of the IRTCES

  1. Congratulatory Message from A. Szollosi Nagy, Deputy Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences
    Secretary, International Hydrological Programme (IHP)


  2. Paris, April 2004
         It is a great pleasure to extend my sincere congratulations to the International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation (IRTCES), on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

         One of the world's leading research and training centers, IRTCES was established in 1984 with the support of the Chinese Government and UNESCO. Since its founding, IRTCES has made very significant contributions to research and training for solving scientific and engineering problems related to the erosion and deposition of sediment. The International Symposium on River Sedimentation, a triennial conference series organized by IRTCES, is a highly professional and well attended event. Since 1980, eight successful symposia have been held in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. The International Journal of Sediment Research, published by IRTCES and devoted exclusively to sediment research, plays a critical role in promoting research and scientific collaboration throughout the world. The international training courses and workshops in fields pertaining to sediment research organized by IRTCES are highly appreciated by the participants. IRTCES makes a very important contribution to the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and is valued by researchers and policy-makers worldwide. UNESCO is proud to have IRTCES as part of the growing network of international and regional centers dealing with water and sustainable development, operating under the auspices of the Organization.

         On behalf of the UNESCO, I would like to extend my very best wishes for continued success.

  3. Deputy Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences
    Secretary, International Hydrological Programme (IHP)


Beijing, China: Congratulatory Speech by Mr. Y. Aoshima


Mr. Y. Aoshima

  1. Director and Representative of UNESCO Office to DPR Korea, Japan, Mongolia, PR of China and Republic of Korea

    On the occasion of the:
    20th Anniversary of the International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation (IRTCES)

    Distinguished guests,
    Ladies and gentleman,
    Dear friends and colleagues,

    The UNESCO Office Beijing warmly congratulates you on the 20th anniversary of the International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation (IRTCES). It is with great pleasure that we extend our sincere gratitude to one of our most appreciated partners, the IRTCES, for your continued efforts to promote international exchange in the field of water sciences activities.
    As we all know, China has a number of water issues all over the country such as heavy rain and massive flooding in south China and chronic water shortage in north China. In particular, the water shortage of the north has grown into a serious problem, which can be seen in the deterioration of water quality, decline of ground water level and depletion of the water in the Yellow River. While the water resources per capita in China are only one fourth of the global average, rapid economic growth requires increasing water demand. As a result, the imbalance between water demand and supply has expanded. It is our responsibility to achieve sustainable development for future generations through introducing inter-sectoral integrated water resource management, promoting effective water utilization, raising public awareness for water conservation efforts and encouraging capacity building among government officials, young scientists and the public.
    The UNESCO Office Beijing is privileged to have the IRTCES as a supportive and influential partner that takes initiative in the field of river regulation, rational management and utilization of water and land resources, as well as soil erosion and sedimentation. Since 1984, when both IRTCES and the UNESCO Office Beijing were founded, we have together tackled water issues in China for 20 years.
    In addition to dealing with the national water issues in China, in recent years, IRTCES is expanding their activities in the sub-regional and regional level. This year IRTCES is contributing to the 9th International
    Symposium on River Sedimentation to be held in Yichang from 18 to 21 October as a secretariat. The Ministry of Water Resources is an organizer and UNESCO is a co-sponsor. Also in 2004, within the framework of International Sedimentation Initiative (ISI), IRTCES will conduct a case study on the Yellow River Sedimentation as its contribution to the ISI project. In addition, IRTCES will send the experts to the DPRK to support the training course on landslide and debris flow to be held in Pyongyang in November. These are examples of how the role and responsibilities of IRTCES are becoming increasingly important at the regional level as well as the national level.

    Finally, my sincere thanks go to the Ministry of Water Resources for their support and cooperation between IRTCES and UNESCO. We firmly believe that this cooperation will continue and be further strengthened in the future.

    Thank you.

  2. Prof. Lin Bingnan, Academician of CAS


  3. Ladies and gentlemen:
  4. In retrospect, 20 years seem to have passed in a flash. Mentally, I still have a vivid picture of the inaugural ceremony held for IRTCES in front of the main building with Mr. Ambul, Madame Qian and many other celebrities attending.
  5. In the last twenty years, under the leadership of the UNESCO Beijing Office and the relevant departments of the Chinese Government, IRTCES has come quite a long way. A briefing is as follows:
  6. In the way of research, IRTCES has been the headquarters of Sedimentation Panel of the gigantic Three Gorges Project (TGP), which is now close to being completed. This panel has been exclusively in charge of the coordination of research on all sedimentation problems arising from its construction. Reports of studies have been published in 15 big volumes. On request, teams have also been sent to inspect and offer advice to Tarbella Reservoir in Pakistan.
  7. In the way of training and exchange, IRTCES has held many training classes and workshops for both international and domestic trainees. Under the direction of the Beijing Office of UNESCO, IRTCES managed a training program supported by UNDP for Asian countries. Experts of IRTCES have given lectures as far as to Brazil. For six years IRTCES staff was also the Chairman of the Asian-pacific Division of IAHR (International Association for Hydraulics and Hydraulic Engineering). IRTCES is the permanent secretariat of the triennial event of the International Symposium on River Sedimentation (ISRS). Eight symposia have been successfully convened. IRTCES staff was the keynote speaker for the fifth symposium. The 9 th symposium will be held at the site of TGP. Currently, IRTCES is striving to set up a world sedimentation association. If successful, it would make important contribution to sustain development of world water resources.





  1. DEVELOPMENT OF IRTCES IN THE PAST 20 YEARS By Former Director of the IRTCES, Prof. Gao Jizhang

  3. Prof. Gao Jizhang
  1. By Gao Jizhang,
    Director of IRTCES
    July 21, 2004
    Distinguished guests, friends and comrades:

    20 years ago, on July 21, the inaugural ceremony of the International Research Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation (IRTCES) was held in Beijing. IRTCES takes the lead to become the first international institution of scientific character opened in China.

    Today, another sunny season of the new century, we are gathered happily together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of IRTCES. First of all, allow me, on behalf of IRTCES, to express our heartfelt welcome to all delegates coming here. Taking this opportunity, I would like to give a brief account of our work in the past 20 years.

    The sediment issue has become complex and led to wide spread concerns on a global basis, likewise one of the vital environmental issues in China. According to preliminary statistics available of the world, the annual erosion of surface soil from river basins amounts to 60 billion tons, of which 17 billion tons are discharged into the oceans. In the process, as much as 5 to 7 million ha of farmlands are annually ruined and about 1% of the precious storage capacity of the world's reservoirs is annually lost to deposition. In addition to the loss of flood-control storage due primarily to reservoir deposition, there are numerous instances of aggravation of flood disasters and deterioration in ecology and environment caused by erosion and deposition of sediment. This adverse situation has increased the risk of major breaches of levees and led to heavy casualties and loss of properties in case of levee failures, accompanied by extensive damages to the surrounding environment and ecology through extensive flooding.

    In 1980, UNESCO detailed demonstrated the feasibility of the establishment of IRTCES. The chapter II.3.2 of the resolution adopted by the general conference of 21st session of UNESCO pointed out” in the unprecedented feats of human being spending huge amount of money to explore astrospace and microcosmic, it is worthwhile to use very small amount of investment to engage in sediment research for the improvement of our geographical environment which people can not separate from at a very short time.”

    Sediment research in China enjoys exceptional advantage, because the ridge of the world is in China, the largest and thickest loess deposits of the world are in China, the most densely populated area is also in China. China has accumulated particularly abundant experiences since ancient time in the management of river basins. At present China becomes one of the most advanced countries in the field of sediment research.

    The general conference of UNESCO has approved in the course of its 22nd session held in Paris in 1983 the resolution of setting up IRTCES in China in order to enable many countries of the world, especially the sediment-laden countries and developing countries to share the knowledge and technology of sediment control accumulated in China. IRTCES aims at the promotion of scientific research, information exchange and technical cooperation among various countries of the world in the field of surface erosion and river sedimentation; Training of trainees; and provision of technical advisory services for rational utilization of water resources, control of soil erosion and conservation of ecological environment.

    Since the inauguration ceremony of IRTCES attended by Mr. Amadou Mahtar M' Bow, the Director General of UNESCO, and Mrs. Qian Zhengying, the Chinese Minister of Water Resources and Electric Power in 1984, around its objectives, IRTCES has carried out various activities under the direction of the UNESCO Beijing Office of and Ministry of Water Resources:

    ●Conducted bilateral and multilateral collaborative research and training with international organizations of UNESECO, IHP, UNDP, FAO, WMO, WB, ADB, as well as with many countries of Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, the Netherlands, USA, and so on;
    ●Conducted 32 research and consulting programs funded by UNESCO and other organizations;
    ●Organized 17 international and regional training courses attended by 457 engineers and scientists from 33 countries.
    ●Sent 150 experts and scientists to provide technical advisory services and international lecturing as experts of WB and UN organizations.
    ●Sponsored and co-sponsored 43 international and regional symposia and workshops attended by more than 6000 person-time scientists from 45 countries.
    ●Served as the permanent Secretariat of the International Symposia on River Sedimentation. To date, eight such symposia have been held in China, U.S.A., Germany, India, Egypt and Hong Kong, China respectively. The next one is scheduled to be held in October of 2004 at the site of the Three Gorges Project.
    ●Published the International Journal of Sediment Research, which is the only English language journal that is devoted exclusively to the field of sediment research in the world and is distributed to 32 countries and regions for over 18 years.
    ●Sent 30 backbone engineers abroad for training and advanced study.
    ●Sent 267 person-time scientists to more than 30 countries for attending symposia and technical study tours.
    ●Responsible for the organization, coordination and research work of important scientific research projects of leading rivers such as the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Haihe River etc.
    ●Organized activities of National Information Network on Erosion and Sedimentation.
    ●Compiled China Gazette of River Sediment;
    ●Responsible for the management of Qian Ning (Ning Chien) Memorial Prize for Erosion and Sedimentation, six activities for selecting and awarding process were organized. Groups of talented scientists and excellent papers were awarded. National Encouragement Office of Ministry of Science and Technology has approved this award as the national award set up by groups.

    With the change in positions of the star in the past 20 years, it may say that the history of pioneering work for growth and development of IRTCES is a chronicle of China opening up to the outside world. Through unremitting efforts, IRTCES has grown in pace with the motherland and our age, has experienced all sorts of trials in the tide of reform toward market economy. The fields involved extend all over the forward position of development of sediment science. IRTCES has a unanimous and a rather high opinion of fellow scholars from oversea and domestic.

    The obvious achievements of IRTCES are attributed to the correct leadership of UNESCO, Ministry of Water Resources, are profited from fervent support and kindness of broad international friends, are an embodiment of the collective wisdom of broad scientific workers of various circles involving water resources, soil and water conservation and hydrology, reflect the team work spirits of IRTCES staff working together hand in hand with fellow workers from IWHR, Tsinghua University etc. In the way of development of IRTCES in 20 years, all of IRTCES staff will not and can not forget various-level leaders who provide strong support, guidance and concern, as well as fraternal organizations who are hardworking and in long-term cooperation with us.
    We must enhance the sense of urgency of the times, and sense of responsibility of history, quicken our steps of reform and development, give vigorous impetus to the reform of Center's institution, pursue our new thinking of development and take new moves and open us new fields of science.

    People oriented, are the mainstay in the successful career. It will be bound to win the new victory in the future competition if we constantly improve comprehensive quality of every staff of the center. We need to constantly expand key fields and important positions and to foster a leading scientific backbone team. We need to create a sound mechanism to make every one do the best through energetically seeking out, vigorously recommending and rationally employing talented people. We need to strengthen joint research on vital scientific innovate projects, to promote the combination of basic research, with socio-public welfare research and research on application and development.

    With the expansion of international exchange at the end of 20th century, IRTCES and broad scientists of sediment circles have reached wide consensus on preparing the establishment of World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research (WASER), everybody has been aware that sediment problems are resulted from natural events, but closely related to social, economic and other human activities. The sound solution of sediment problems therefore, must come from the concerted efforts of experts in various fields concerned and is thus always interdisciplinary. The disciplines involved may include hydraulics, soil, geology, geomorphology, geography, astronomy, meteorology, environmental science, agriculture, forestry, communication, oceanography, energy, economy, judicature, sociology, political science, and history, among others. The WASER to be established in October of 2004 is a comprehensive association covering various sediment problems with IRTCES as the backing organization. It will quite benefit the communication and cooperation of scientists from all countries and promote the development of sediment science. Since 1998, when the proposal of establishing WASER was first suggested by IRTCES in the 7th Symposium on River Sedimentation held in Hong Kong, more than 130 scientists from over 30 countries have made responses to the proposal in support of the new association to be founding members. UNESCO, IAHS and other organizations have expressed their support to the proposed association. The Chinese Government has approved in July of 2003 the preparation for setting up WASER in China.

    We are fully aware that to establish WASER in China is a glorious and arduous task and a strategic opportunity we must grasp with great possibility. This will be another new great step of Chinese water resource toward the world.
    In retrospect, the footstep of IRTCES in the past 20 years was steady and clinging. Each step confirmed the confidence of IRTCES staff. We always remember our objective, namely to promote progress of sediment science and international cooperation. Looking into the future, the course of IRTCES in the past 20 years was short. All of IRTCES staff will take an oath to attain our objective, advance with the times, intent upon figuring for the development and build a sound foundation through every brick and tile.

    We believe that as long as we rely on correct leadership of Ministry of Water Resources and UNESCO, on strong support and cooperation of fraternal units and international organizations, our objectives will be affirmatively realized if we concentrate, unite, and strike on our work.

Dr. Hu Chunhong, Secretary General of IRTCES, Presiding over the meeting

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